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Enterprise-level customer analytics to improve your online performance

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SessionCam lets you record all activity on your website and automatically identifies which web pages cause your customers to struggle, using our unique machine-learning algorithm.

Watch recordings of real customers on these high priority pages to quickly understand and fix any UX issues. This means you can focus your optimization efforts on the areas that will deliver the highest value to your business.

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Customer Struggle Score

Automatically pinpoint the pages on your site that need optimizing, saving you time and resource in finding issues

solution-Icons_Form Analytics

Form Analytics

See which form fields cause users difficulty, so you can quickly improve conversions

solution-Icons_Session Replay

Session replay

Watching real users interact with your website gives you the insight you need to make significant improvements

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Conversion Funnels

Analyse the most important paths through your site and remove any usability issues



Quickly visualize what your users see. Understand where they click and scroll, and areas where they don’t



Link data to your other solutions to get 360-degree insights into customer behaviour

Increase conversion rates

Automatically identify the issues on your website that are stopping customers converting

solution-Icons_Reduce inbound costs

Reduce inbound costs

Improve the online customer experience not only increases revenue, but can reduce contact-center costs

Reduce basket abandonment

Easily find usability issues and technical bugs that are stopping users completing their purchase

solution-Icons_Resolve issue disputes

Resolve issue disputes

Enable your customer-facing teams to quickly resolve user issues in real time by seeing exactly what your customer saw

solution-Icons_Improve user experience

Improve user experience

Discover where your customers struggle. Improved customer experience results in increased loyalty and revenue.

Remarket to lost customers

Don’t lose a customer who abandons your site – capture real-time data and re-market to them via email or phone

Reach your customer experience goals faster. Tap into the wealth of CRO expertise from our in-house team of Insight Consultants to drive website optimization and support your investment in SessionCam.

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