Visualize user behavior with session replay and website heatmaps. Understand drop-off with funnels and form analytics

Session Replay

Session Replay

Use session replay to understand the problems, issues and errors that need to be optimized to improve website conversion and customer experience.

Website Heatmaps

Website Heatmaps

Heatmaps show you how visitors interact with your website. Use this aggregated data to see how segments of your visitors behave and gain insights that improve the user experience.

Conversion Funnels

Conversion Funnels

Easily pinpoint your website’s most valuable paths to conversion and identify pages where visitors drop off or exhibit cart abandonment.

Form Analytics Screenshot

Form Analytics

Investigate the reasons that visitors drop off your forms to reduce basket abandonment

Let SessionCam's intelligent algorithms automatically show you the most important website problems to fix.

Struggle Detection

Struggle Detection

Find out where your users struggle the most with the help of our unique machine learning algorithms.

Error Detection

Error Detection

You don’t have time to tag every type of error that visitors encounter. SessionCam exposes your most costly error messages impacting the user experience.

Key Journeys

Customer Journey Mapping

Key Journeys makes discovering patterns in your website traffic effortless. It automatically detects and compares visitor routes through your site to identify your most profitable paths to purchase.

Anomaly Detection

Anomaly Detection

Automatically analyze your website traffic for significant changes and see a daily list of opportunities to improve.

An Enterprise Plan with SessionCam includes

Access all areas Icon

Access all areas

Access all our product features with an unlimited number of user accounts. Add SessionCam to as many websites as you need recording across multiple domains, including SSL, and for all mobile and desktop devices.

12 Months Storage Icon

12 months storage

Retain and store all data for 12 months or longer if required.

Enterprise SLA Icon

Enterprise SLA

SessionCam is backed-up by a superior Enterprise SLA with 24/7 support and service out-of-the-box. Our Information Security Framework is accredited for the ISO 27001 standard by BSI.

Complete Support and Service Icon

Complete support and service

Training, help and assistance is available whenever you need it from our Customer Success team. We maintain a comprehensive support website with set-up documentation, "how to" guides and training videos. You will also have the support and service of a designated Account Manager.

Customer Community Access Icon

Access to our customer community

Sign-up to SessionCam and join our community of digital marketers, conversion experts and web analytic gurus. We run numerous events throughout the year including regular masterclasses and user groups.

All Future Updates on our Roadmap

All future updates on our roadmap

We use agile software development methods and are continually working to improve SessionCam. We have an exciting vision and forward looking product roadmap for SessionCam. Our enterprise plan includes all new features and enhancements.

SessionCam helps you solve key business problems

Revenue Icon

Improve digital customer experience and satisfaction by eliminating frustration and struggle and improving usability across your website

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Increase revenue by driving higher website conversion and reducing basket abandonment and drop-off from your conversion funnels and forms to recover revenue that would otherwise be lost
Customer Support Icon

Reduce customer support costs by understanding the frequency and cost of website errors and instantly watch recordings of each error to identify the underlying root causes