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The Day the Internet Stopped in the UK

At 8pm last night, the UK stopped for a brief few minutes to step outside of our homes as part of the “clap for carers” campaign.

The event was organized on social media to show the nation’s appreciation for the heroic efforts of our health workers and carers. 

We also participated in this very public demonstration of love for the UK’s NHS.

This morning, when reviewing our technical activity logs, we could clearly see the drop in UK Internet activity during these moments.   

Yes, the internet really did stop for a while here in the UK! This was part of a truly amazing display of respect and support for our front line workers.  Workers who are putting their own lives on hold and at risk to help the country get through these dark days.

Love and respect from SessionCam to all the doctors, nurses, support workers, porters and cleaners who help make the NHS the most significant institution in our lives.

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