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Understanding conversion rates by device type is essential to mobile site optimisation

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With consumers increasingly using mobile devices to access the internet and actually purchase through these devices, it’s essential that your mobile user experience is given as much attention as your desktop experience.

Conversion rates by device type

The starting point for this is to clearly understand conversion rates through your sales funnels by device type. Most analytics software suites, like Google Analytics, can provide you with a breakdown of conversion rates by device, so will show you visitors to each page in the funnel and those that convert to sale using different devices, as well as different browsers and operating systems.

Conversion rates can vary greatly

Don’t make the mistake however of lumping together all mobile users and reporting on these as one, whilst conversion rates overall on mobile continue to lag significantly, conversion rates through tablets and smartphones can vary greatly, with some companies even starting to report similar or higher conversion rates on iPads compared to desktops.

Implement advanced conversion analytics

A breakdown of conversion rates by device alone however won’t necessarily tell you what’s ‘normal’ behavior for that device and what’s actually down to issues with the user experience.  Implementing advanced conversion analytics that show you both page-level and field-level drop-offs by device can start to build up a more detailed view of where users of different devices are abandoning your site and where they might be experiencing difficulties.

Use session replay to see mobile gestures

Add session record and replay capability to the mix and you’re then able to record and playback sessions by device type to clearly see where and why users are abandoning and uncover any usability or technical issues specific to that device. A good session record and replay tool will record and playback unique mobile gestures like pinch, zoom, tap, scroll and tilt so you can fully appreciate the user experience.

Common issues

Common mobile usability issues like too small ‘calls to action’ and text links, tiny text fields, unresponsive buttons and generally functionality that doesn’t work as it should do on different mobile devices (and not always easily picked up in testing) can be uncovered and fixed to increase conversion rates on these devices.

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