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Interested in anomaly detection? Meet Opportunities — a hunter that delivers the insights you need

Interested In Anomaly Detection? Meet Opportunities — a Hunter That Delivers The Insights You Need

Interested in anomaly detection? Meet Opportunities — a hunter that delivers the insights you need

You need to know why your website visitors do what they do and you need to have that information as soon as possible. We know that and we’ve built something to help you. It’s called Opportunities and we think you’re going to love it. Read on…

One of the immutable laws of sales and selling is that when a salesperson says, “I’m not going to lie to you,” they might as well have constructed and powered up a giant neon sign that reads


Similarly, whenever someone who earns a commission tells you they have “an opportunity” for you, the only “opportunity” you’re going to get is the opportunity to part company with some of your money.

But don’t worry because Opportunities, the newest intelligent feature in SessionCam, is here to deliver more insights about your website visitors’ behavior. And it does that without any of the deception you get from the average used car salesman or real estate agent.

Opportunities is a dashboard that works for you, rather than demanding that you become its servant. Traditional dashboards too often expect you to pick through the bones of your data, desperately hoping to find some meat on them.

If SessionCam is an intelligent assistant — and that’s what we constantly strive for it to be for you — Opportunities is a hunter. Every day, it scans your data for changes and trends, bringing that information to you in visually appealing tiles so you can read and digest it at a glance.

I don’t like dashboards. I’m willing to bet you probably don’t either. When you’re optimizing a website and have clear goals and expectations, you can feel like a fighter pilot sat in front of a head-spinning heads up display of dials and sensors.

You’re not on a combat mission.

You’re trying to increase your conversion and retention rates.

You want to know why your website visitors behave in the way they do.

SessionCam is an intelligent assistant. That’s the essence of our approach — helping you get more from your visitor data, save time and improve your conversion rates.

Opportunities is designed to enhance that intelligence in SessionCam and make it more active for you. It’s built to give everyone access to analyst-level insights, whatever the size of your team.

Opportunities is a hunter. It’s built to bring the best insights to SessionCam and show you them in a highly visual way. It’s the dashboard you need rather than one that is just forced upon you.

Our algorithms actively identify important changes in your visitor journeys. They profile and prioritize information so you can focus on making changes that increase conversions.

Opportunities notifies you of changes in:

  • Conversion stats
  • Funnels
  • Behavior
  • Errors bursts
  • Key Journeys
  • Device behavior
  • Browser behavior
  • Mean shifts in your trends

Opportunities doesn’t hunt for what it wants to find, it’s customisable so you can ensure it focuses on the journeys, funnels and devices that matter to you.

Every one of your Opportunities tiles is prioritized by revenue at risk, so you can keep focused on the things that will make you money and the problems that will cost you money.

Here’s a few ways we’ve seen Opportunities being used by clients in our beta programme:

  • Getting a view of what important events have occurred in your journeys each day
  • Getting opportunities delivered to you — the what and the where — so you can concentrate on the why
  • Knowing the priority of an opportunity segment through revenue at risk
  • Giving analysts get a new start points for their investigations

Opportunities makes around 10,570 daily checks on an average website. We estimate it would take around 2 minutes for a human analyst to make one of those checks. Thought of like an analyst, Opportunities does the equivalent of 48 full time analysts’ work per day.

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