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Dramatic illustrations of in-page behaviour

Heatmaps can be generated for any web page you choose, or you can create filters for specific customer segments, enabling you to quickly identify page design and usability issues. For example, you may want to see a heatmap showing the behavior of iPad users on your checkout page.

Heatmap overlaid on SessionCam website

SessionCam includes a full suite of website heatmaps:

Mouse movement icon

Mouse movement heatmap

Mouse movements have been proven to correlate strongly to eye movement, so these heatmaps can give you a greater insight into how a user interacts with a page, what they read, what grabs their attention, and also any stumbling blocks they encounter.

Mouse click heatmap icon

Click activity

Click heatmaps allow you to easily visualise the most popular links on a page. You can also see if users are clicking on areas that aren’t meant to be clickable. This provides you with the information you need to test your navigation, promotional banners and CTAs.

Attention heatmap icon

Attention heatmap

This shows which areas of the page have been viewed the most, taking into account how far they scroll, and how long they spend on the page. These heatmaps can be really valuable in understanding whether your most important messages or CTAs are being seen.

Scroll heatmap icon

Page scrolling heatmap

Still wondering how much information to put “Above the fold”? These heatmaps show you exactly how far users scroll down your page. Establish whether customers see the information you want them to, and structure your page accordingly.

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