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Visualize customer behavior with heatmaps

SessionCam provides the full suite of heatmaps and reporting tools that aggregate and visualize user activity on your site. They work across responsive and dynamic websites, single-page applications and mobile devices.

Mouse Movement Heatmap Mouse Click Heatmap Attention Heatmap Scroll Reach Heatmap

Mouse movement heatmap

Get greater insight into how a user interacts with your page, where to place your content, forms and CTAs to grab the most attention.

Mouse click heatmap

Test website navigation, promotional banners, forms and CTAs and get clarity on where the most popular links on a page are. See if users are encountering struggle by clicking on areas that are unclickable.

Attention heatmap

Find out which areas of a web page have been viewed the most, taking into account how far users scroll and how long they spend on the page. Confirm whether your most important messages or CTAs are being seen.

Scroll reach heatmap

Ever wondered how much information you should put 'above the fold'? These heatmaps show you exactly how far users scroll down your page. Establish whether customers see the information you want them to, and structure your page accordingly.

  • Mouse Movement
  • Mouse Click
  • Attention
  • Scroll Reach

Generate heatmaps of any web page

Create filters for specific customer segments, enabling you to quickly identify usability issues. Unique to SessionCam, you can filter your heatmaps by our CS Score to identify behavioral patterns that correlate with customer struggle.

Our Plans
Heatmap Link Analytics

Understand how users behave

Use our link analytics heatmap overlay which combines quantitative and qualitative data to show number of clicks, average hover time, average hesitation time and more.

Reach your conversion goals faster

  • Pinpoint what really drives your customers towards that all-important purchase decision

  • Determine and resolve technical and UX issues that you were previously unaware of

  • Use alongside other web analytics tools to contextualize the what, where, how and why of user behavior

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